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How We Win

TransTech has adopted a Code of Ethics (the ‘Code’) outlining our core values and staff expectations. As a TransTech business partner, client, or student, you are expected to support each TransTech employee by complying with the ethical standards outlined in these guidelines.

Every day, we make decisions at TransTech that are critical to our success. Common sense and good judgment will help us make the right choice in most situations. When the choice is unclear, our Code of Ethics is a practical reference that will help us make the right decision, even if it is not easy.

Our mission and values make it clear that TransTech is committed to integrity and the highest ethical standards. Our Code provides a framework to ensure our decisions reflect and promote the principles at the core of our business. These principles guide us in everything we do and remind us to set a good example for ourselves and others.

Our reputation for integrity is a valued asset. Each of us has a personal responsibility to help keep this reputation secure through fair, honest, and ethical conduct in all our business activities. It all circles back to making choices you and your family can be proud of. It’s not just a program or an initiative. It’s woven into our company’s culture. Do the right thing. Treat everyone with high respect and regard.

Our Responsibilities Under the Code:

  • Be familiar with and comply with the Code, our corporate policies, and the laws and specific guidelines that apply to your job.
  • Act professionally, honestly, and ethically in your work on behalf of TransTech.
  • Ask for help when you have questions or concerns about ethics or compliance or are unsure what you should do in a specific situation.
  • Be alert for situations that could lead to a Code violation and promptly report actual or suspected misconduct to your supervisor or manager or contact TransTech’s Ethics Compliance Officer.
  • Serve as a role model, encouraging ethical conduct by example.
  • Help your team comply with the Code and our policies, guiding the Code and the company’s expectations.
  • Promote an open work environment where employees are comfortable raising questions and concerns without fear of retaliation.
  • Ask questions you have or receive about the Code with your managers or the appropriate business leaders, report any possible violations of laws or the Code to the right person(s).
  • Following the Code is not optional.
    • Suppose you violate the Code or any other policy or procedure. In that case, you could be subject to the full range of disciplinary actions, including dismissal and, in some cases, civil or criminal penalties.

Making Ethical Decisions – Thinking It Through

  • Check to see if you have the facts to understand the issue(s).
  • Think about the options and the possible consequences, and ask yourself…
    • Do I have the authority to make a decision?
    • Should I consult with others who might be affected before I act?
    • Would the action violate any law or regulation?
    • Is it appropriate, honest, and consistent with TransTech values?
    • Would it damage the company’s reputation?
    • Would I be comfortable telling my boss about my decision or action?
    • How would I feel if I saw a report about my activities in the news or on the internet?
    • How would I feel if my family knew about the situation and what I chose to do?

TransTech Code of Ethics


  • They are the reason we exist. We passionately focus on customer value and must deliver premier training services at a fair price.
  • We are committed to providing an engaging learning environment that includes the safety of everyone as an essential component. Our CDL Instructors, along with clients and students, are encouraged to help identify and control risk areas.


  • TransTech staff are the foundation and source of our success. We are dedicated to our employees’ dignity, value, and employment security.
  • Business partners, clients, and students should not place TransTech staff in situations that could result in a conflict of interest or unethical behavior.


  • Our stakeholders count on us to provide accurate information about our business and make responsible business decisions based on reliable records. Each business partner, supplier, and client ensures all documents supplied to TransTech are accurate and complete.
  • TransTech assets should only be used to conduct TransTech-related business for purposes authorized by leadership. TransTech’s computers, network, and other information resources may only be used in a manner that complies with TransTech’s policies.


  • We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work.
  • We strive to be responsible citizens in our communities and encourage TransTech suppliers, clients, and business partners to adhere to the same standards.


  • Failure to report a violation of these guidelines can be viewed as condoning the breach. Therefore, reporting all violations is extremely important. To report a violation, contact the TransTech Ethics Compliance Officer at 844-633-9308. Calls will be handled confidentially.