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TransTech is the largest truck driver training school in North Carolina, and we have helped more than 10,000 men and women begin their new careers as professional truck drivers.  Our accelerated truck driving school is perfect for students from Greenville, Winterville, Washington, Stokes, Farmville, and the surrounding areas. Learn how you can earn your Class A or Class B CDL license in just a few short weeks!


TransTech’s truck driver training program in Greenville, NC is operated at one of Eastern North Carolina’s largest CDL training facilities. Our CDL training classes begin each week, and students can begin earning a new paycheck in as little as one month. You will train on late-model equipment, have small class sizes, and get hands-on training from experienced instructors.

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Best instructors and great equipment.
My experience with TransTech was amazing , Joey my instructor was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure that I was prepared for the CDL test, there were some long tough days but Joey always made it fun.
Trans-Tech is definitely worth going to for your CDL training. The knowledge and experience of the trainers will definitely help you get your license and help build the confidence you need to apply for any trucking job. I can’t wait to get out on the open road
Response from the owner: Thank you John!
Joey was my instructor and was very helpful! I learned a lot while taking the class and felt very prepared on test day. The days were long but the instructor tried to make it as fun and relaxed as he could.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kelly! Best of luck in your new career! Let us know if there's anyway we could've made this a 5-star experience!
Best school to go to Mr. Joey & Billy will definitely make sure you’re ready and know what you’re doing! It’s worth it for sure !!
Response from the owner: Thanks Michael!
great experience at transtech great instructors they make sure u get a full understanding of what it actually is to start trucking the safe way. I highly recommend !!
Response from the owner: Thank you Demetric!
If you want to get your CDL and you don't have experience with trucks, don't worry, I recommend Trans Tech. The instructors are very professional and patient with the students.My experience at Trans Tech was incredible, I had a great time throughout the course, it was the best 3 weeks, my instructors Joey and Billy are super cool 😎. thanks for the support guys
Response from the owner: Thank you Daniel!
Really great program. I learned so much about trucks and had great instructors. The 3 weeks flew by I was ready for the road!
Response from the owner: Thanks Landon! Best of luck in your new career!
This school was great! Joey and billy were very helpful! These guys made learning fun! Will 100% recommend if your looking to get your CDL
Response from the owner: Thank you Latavia! Did you know we have a student referral program? Refer a friend and earn $150 when they graduate!
Great teachers! Mr Billy and Mr Joey were awesome to work with and they made my learning experience a pleasure.I highly recommend them. Trans Tec! Greenville
Response from the owner: Thanks Hunter!
Training at TransTech was really good. Joey and Billy are very thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!
Excellent choice if you want to get your CDLs fast and efficiently.
I appreciate the training at the trans tech.. It was fun I had a enjoyful time and I want to shout out to billy terry for the training and also Joey rackley those guys are funny and will have u laughing thru the day.. Thank u guys
Response from the owner: Thanks Jamel! Best of luck in your new career!
Great and knowledgeable trainers. Thanks Billy and Joey. I will refer as many people as possible.
Response from the owner: Thanks Jay! We have an alumni referral program right now! $150/per enrolled student!
The Greenville site manager, Billy, and the instructor, Joey are good guys solid instructors and role models for future truckers to look up to.
Response from the owner: Thanks Charles! Best of luck in your future career!
i am very happy that i came to this school they help me learned more then just driving behind the wheel. I well highly recommend to come to this school u won’t be disappointed!!!
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My time here was great! I would highly recommend anyone trying to get their CDL to attend. I had the pleasure of having Ms. Brenda as my driving instructor. I also had Mr. Perkins for one of those days, he was also wonderful. Training days were long but very informational and no questions went unanswered. Mr. Billy and Mr. JD have a lot of knowledge that they offered as well.
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I just can't say enough good things about this school. The instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, genuinely nice, and in control of their classroom environment. They all try to teach to your learning style while making sure you get the information that is needed to be successful. I was a little sad that it had to end. Great stuff and thanks to all of you.
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I really enjoyed the training and the instructors and will recommend this CDL School to anybody looking to obtain their CDL. Special Thanks to Mr. Julius Perkins.
Response from the owner: Thank you Charlie!
Highly recommend! Billy, JD, Brenda, and Mr. Perkins were wonderful. Great hands on training and went above and beyond to answer questions that any student had.
Response from the owner: Thank you! Let us know where you ended up at [email protected]!
They come across as hard people to get along with at first, but they’re not. They’re great people who just want you to succeed in life, and they really are some of the nicest people around! They aren’t going to just give it to you, but they will show you how to earn it correctly.
Response from the owner: Thanks Dustin!
School is legit & helped me out a lot in the process. Great CDL trainers keep it up
Response from the owner: Thanks AJ!
Very good
I just received my cdl from trans-tech some of the best instructors and people I have ever met hate to go but definitely love the experience shout out to Mr. Billy and J. D. And definitely cnt leave out Mr. Ron and Ms. Brenda.
Best class ever .. Best instructors.. best learning experience
enjoyed this training experience with good instructors and also met some good people. I would like to thank Ron, Brenda , Billy, and JD you guys are good at what you., I would recommend for who interested doing CDL training
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your kind words and review! We wish you well on your new career!
Great school great instructor 👍
That's school is so fun learn a lot Billy is The best jd is to easy to get your CDL
I wanted to redo my Review about Trans Tech because it wouldn’t be fair to other great instructors that are there. First let me start by saying Ron is a good man he cares he’s just militant and want you to succeed. I had Billy as a driving instructor Billy was phenomenal full of knowledge and I really enjoyed having him as an instructor. He made my experience there great. JD is also a great man. All of these guys wants you to succeed so don’t take things to heart if you get yelled at for messing up. My overall experience was great. I passed my final now I officially have my CDLs. Thank you Trans Tech for showing me the way and opening the door for my journey to begin.
These guys are the best. Ron helped me so much that he even gave up his lunch breaks to help me accomplish the backing maneuvers. Thank you Ron, Billy and JD for helping me though the course. You 3 guys are the best!!!!
My name is iress and I had a great experience at Trans Tech in Greenville North Carolina they really give good advice and push you really hard on everything were the same time DOD to help you especially JD he really pushes you hard and Billy also and Mr.Ron I will recommend anyone to go there they are the best group of guys I could ever ask for to work with I just want to say thanks to JD most of all
Instructor are great would like to go again
Great experience learned a lot Billy a great instructor .
I would recommend trans tech to anyone who is interested in getting there CDLS. Billy is the best instructor. Very professional and very knowledgeable. He makes you feel very comfortable asking any questions you may have. Even after he repeats himself a million times. “Turn towards your trouble” he will still have patience with you. JD is very professional as well. He wants you to “just have fun with it” they ALL work very hard at making sure you understand what you need to know about driving trucks. I thank each and every one of you for this AMAZING experience!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review. We are so very happy to have been a part of your training and the next step of your new career.
Overall I had a great experience at transtech great instructors they make sure u get your cdls the safe way I was discouraged at first but I didn't give up it took me 9 weeks Ron JD Billy Terry. I wont to thank u guys u all are great at what u do. 💪❤❤ I recommend anyone want there cdls go to trans tech
Where do I start?? Look if you want the best training from probably the most experience Truckers you should go to Trans-Tech of Greenville nc. Mr. Ron Fair is an amazing teacher amazing person full of stories an tales from his 4million safe millions he’s going to ride you an make sure that your ready to go once you leave TT driving school. JD is also a very good instructor Billy terry also Amanda is also very good an knowledgeable. I highly recommend everyone go get there CDL training done in Greenville Nc. An enjoy the moment the people take Mr. Ron a Monster energy(white can zero sugar) drink an a couple coffees for me!!!! P.s. Bring your permit, Driver’s license, Medical card to class EVERYDAY!! Be ready to work an learn. They gone dig into you but it’s all in good faith. Being a professional driver is big responsibility it’s not a game behind the wheel. Loved my time there an I will stay in touch. Oh fire that grill up
Where do I start, you’re first week will be in the class room I had Ron as my class room trainer he’s straight to the point and has no time for any b.s but he means the best and wants to make you a good driver not just a steering wheel holder. Your second week, it will be spent backing the green beast in the yard I had mr.Ed one day then J.D then Billy either way whoever you get you’re going to get trained the right way. The third and fourth week will be spent learning to pretrip the truck and driving. honestly, just watch the video they tell you to and it’s going to help a lot it maybe boring but it’s really going to help (I missed nothing on my pretrip) when you’re driving just listen to the trainer and don’t think to much the more you think the more you’re going to mess up! I had billy as my trainer in the truck and he has so much knowledge it’s unreal. Just listen to what they have to say and you’ll do great! Thanks again to Billy, J.D, Ron, Mr.Ed, Jaylen and to my tester Mr.Mickey. Without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to get my Class A I’ll always recommend Trans Tech of Greenville. Best money I’ve ever spent.
I enjoyed this training experience with good instructors and also met some good people. I would like to thank Ron, Jaylen, Billy, and JD you guys are good at what you do and know. Ron, I will be coming back to see you buddy keep up the good work my friend I really enjoyed your teaching. Thanks guys!! P.S. I will recommend my friends and others to come train at trans- tech.
Trans-Tech out of Greenville was a great learning experience, some of the best instructors your going to have definitely recommend anyone looking to go into truck driving JD, Billy, and my guy Ron!!!! Thanks for everything guys be safe!!!
Trans-Tech is a very fun and awesome trucking school. Thanks to the help from JD, Ron, Billy and David. They will give you all they got and they will also teach you everything about the truck. This was an awesome experience. You will meet people from around the world. I met good people and also become good friends with them. They will help you and also let you make your own mistakes so you can become a better driver. I enjoyed myself with this school I recommend this to anybody who wants to become a truck driver. I had a difficult time doing my backing but I eventually got it lol... ( Don’t think to much either trust your own decisions on backing I had a hard time lol)
I would like to thank Trans-Tech for having a satellite school here in Greenville, North Carolina. I really enjoyed my time here learning how to safely drive a Commercial Tractor-Trailer. Clasa size was good. I enjoyed my classmates. Our Instructor, Mr. Ron, was a great Instructor. I really enjoyed being instructed by him. To me, Mr. Ron is a good man. Although some may beg to differ, but I love his honesty and integrity. Keep on being you Mr. Ron. And I also would like to thank Mr. J.D. and Mr. Billy. All of you guys are awesome.
TransTech of Greenville, NC is a great school to learn the skills needed to become a successful truck driver. The instructors (JD Cox, Billy Terry, and Ronald aka Ron Fair) have many years of combined experience, and they each have their own specialty skills in the trucking industry. Anything from hauling livestock, flatbed, dry van, refer and more!! Any question I or my classmates had, they were able to answer without hesitation and,they could explain things where anyone could understand. I would like to thank all the staff of TransTech for helping me learn the fundamentals needed to pursue a Professional Truck Driving career. Can’t wait to see where the road takes me!
My experience with Trans Tech at the Greenville NC location was great, with challenging moments and lots of fun. I'd like to personally thank JD Cox, Billy Terry and Ronald (Rod) Fair for an empowering learning experience that prepares me to start my career as a class-A Commercial Driver. Thanks Trans Tech I truly appreciate everything 💯.
Yo yo first i want to say JD and BILLYare cool guys..They made this CDL experience a great time from jokes to laughter but yet still very professional and by the book. Things they tought me have went a long ways in this trucking career..From turns,to backing and seeing the big picture..I want to thank You guess for a great experience..oh yeah and David he's not so bad neither...Thanks to u all...KEEP TRUCKING IM OUTTA HERE
JD and Billy y'all are the best instructors!!Very patient and understanding. They really made my journey worthwhile!!
I did lots of research before selecting TransTech Greenville for my CDL class A training. I wanted a small class size, convenient location, dedicated instructors, and a company with a great training record and history. I am very pleased as TransTech Greenville delivered. My 4 week experience there was 5 star and then some. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute from day 1 to my last. Over the 4 week course I got to know my classmates who made the experience even better, what a fun group!A big thank you to our instructor Mr. Billy Terry who is the definition of a true professional. I think I can speak for the rest of my class when I say without his patience, guidance, and pushing us where we needed improvement most, we would not have made such progress in those 4 weeks. Truly one of the best instructors I have been privileged to train under in my 20+ year career in various fields.The other bonus to TransTech Greenville is the on-site DMV examiner, Mr. JD. Professional in what he does but about the most genuine guy you will find. His advice on exam day " have trained for this so just do your best and have fun". I couldn't have said it better myself.I could go on and on about the efforts they make with job placement, etc.. but just realize a great school isn't about brick and mortar or flashy signs, at the center needs to be dedication and purpose. TransTech Greenville has the purpose of taking you from knowing nothing about tractor trailer driving to passing the CDL A exam in just 4 weeks with their dedicated instructors.Thank you all,L. GrantTransTech Greenville GraduateClass 030-20
I will like to say Billy and JD are really good teachers I really enjoyed them thru my journey
JD and Billy are absolutely amazing! I didn't have an opportunity to really work with Ron. These instructors help you and make sure you understand, no matter how much time it takes. Their knowledge, sense of humor and overall attitude make class fun but learning! I appreciate all they did to help me!