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Truck driver training in Asheville, North Carolina offers aspiring truck drivers a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. Located in the scenic mountains of western North Carolina, Asheville and Fletcher provide an ideal backdrop for individuals looking to embark on a career in the trucking industry.

Training in partnership with Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College.

TransTech’s CDL training programs cover a range of essential skills, including vehicle operation, safety regulations, and logistical planning. Students undergo both classroom instruction and practical training, utilizing late-model equipment. Instructors focus on preparing students for the challenges they may encounter on the road, emphasizing safety, compliance with industry standards, and efficient driving techniques. Classes start every week, and students can start a new career in as early as a month.

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Benjamin OwenBenjamin Owen ★★★★★ I’m just at the end of my 2nd week but couldn’t wait to write a review, if I pass or fail it would be on me, but the instructors here really care and have passion for their students.I have my favorites of course but all are great teachers. This has been a growing experience for me not only knowledge of the trucking industry but also for me personally. I felt as if everyone cared and wanted to see me succeed. I definitely recommend this school to further anyone’s career!!!! Thank you Transtech!!!!Sylvia PlattSylvia Platt ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you Sylvia! Elijah PlattElijah Platt ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you Elijah! Vitaliy KushtanVitaliy Kushtan ★★★★★ Good people.Response from the ownerThank you Vitaliy! Nguyen NguyenNguyen Nguyen ★★★★★ I am Asian people my English just a little bit. I have problems communicate but they are very patient with me. Thank a lot. Thank you everyone for helping me. Thank you Mrs Hope, Thank you Mrs Rita patient with me, Thank you Mr Doug ... They are awesome people. Thank you Trans Tech. I recommend come here with Trans Tech the best place to go get your CDL.Response from the ownerThank you Nguyen! Ralph TerwilligerRalph Terwilliger ★★★★★ I was an experienced driver but had given up driving for awhile so I needed a School to get a new CDL.I chose Trans Tech from recommendations and am glad I did.The crew at Fletcher taught me a valuable lesson up front, I didn't know everything. The trainers were excellent, they were patient, knowledgeable and professional. I learned alot once my ego went away.I recommend Trans Tech for any driver, new or an old hand. They also got several of the class jobs with good companies. Several of us had jobs already.Response from the ownerThank you Ralph! jon gheenjon gheen ★★★★★ Had a very good experience. James was my instructor was very friendly and helpfulResponse from the ownerThank you Jon! john kelleherjohn kelleher ★★★★★ I took the class B cdl training. At first i was just thinking it was a course i had to suffer through in order to get my license. But they were so respectful, professional, and knowledgable, i started to realize how serious the trucking industry was and they genuinely want you to be safe out on the road. I learned so much and the hands on training i got is something i use every day when i drive. The teaching style and curriculum was absolutely perfect and never got redundant. They have the nicest instructors and office staff. Thank you trans tech!Response from the ownerThank you John! Feel free to send us photos behind the wheel of your new career! SamSam ★★★★★ Amazing people here!! Great school with a lot of great people. Always willing to help you out and teaches you everything you need to know to be successful!Response from the ownerThanks Sam! Did you know there's a $150 graduate referral program? If you know anyone that could use CDL training, we'll pay you when they graduate! Robert LeeRobert Lee ★★★★★ This school was an awesome experienceGreat instructors, StaffResponse from the ownerThanks Robert! Did you know there's a $150 graduate referral program? If you know anyone that could use CDL training, we'll pay you when they graduate! Amber ClaytonAmber Clayton ★★★★☆ The trainers were absolutely great, especially James and Doug. The field definitely needs some management as far as filling and dragging goes, it's pretty rough. The trucks need to have DEF put in them on a more regular basis. Other than that, I had a great experience.Response from the ownerThank you for the feedback Amber! Best of luck in your new career! Tom DullTom Dull ★★★★★ Changed my life! They wouldn’t give up on me and helped me pass by staying on me. Money well spent!Response from the ownerThanks Tom! Did you know there's a $150 graduate referral program? If you know anyone that could use CDL training, we'll pay you when they graduate! Don FlakoDon Flako ★★★★★ Extremely detail oriented instructors, I left the school feeling equipped to handle my new CDL career!Response from the ownerThanks Don! Did you know there's a $150 graduate referral program? If you know anyone that could use CDL training, we'll pay you when they graduate! Alberto GomezAlberto Gomez ★★★★★ Great instructors great schoolResponse from the ownerThanks Alberto! Did you know there's a $150 graduate referral program? If you know anyone that could use CDL training, we'll pay you when they graduate! Rhonda Wilson-WilsonRhonda Wilson-Wilson ★★★★★ This is the BEST place to go to get your CDL class A and B! Genuine, caring instructors. They just want you to be successful. They have contacts with industries in the area to help with job placement. The class size is small 3-5, which is great, because you get a alot of attention from the instructor.The instructions really care about you - I was riding with the semi class to make up for a couple of days I was sick. One of the students, who never had driven a semi before, started having a panic attack. James was awesome. He slowly talked the person into a much calmer head space, until they were ready to drive.The Instructors have 20-30 years of experience of ACTUALLY driving semi’s and school buses. Can’t beat that!Response from the ownerThank you Rhonda! Best of luck in your new career! Sascha HoppsSascha Hopps ★★★★★ Great teaching, I got my permit and CDL here. I was recommended by a colleague and I would do the same for another.Response from the ownerThanks Sascha! Best of luck in your new career! Lincoln BallardLincoln Ballard ★★★★★ Great place to learnResponse from the ownerThanks Lincoln! I_dont _have_a_nameI_dont _have_a_name ★★★★★ Very helpful!!!Daryle BetheaDaryle Bethea ★★★★★ I'm in my last week of training with my testing being on Friday ‼️Peyton MorrisPeyton Morris ★★★★☆ Instructors are very helpful and patient. The schedule was a little hard when it changed from starting at 7 am then the next week starting at 2pm and ending at 12. But overall it was great, small class sizes, knowledgeable instructors, and affordable!Response from the ownerThanks Peyton! We're required to do night drive training and appreciate you making the schedule change during the course! Shekeka NorwoodShekeka Norwood ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks! Edwin RamosEdwin Ramos ★★★★★ love the instructors they teach super good love Rita and RichardResponse from the ownerThanks Edwin! KingKing ★★★★★ My experience was great, My instructor Ms.Rita was great and the whole staff was awesome, definitely recommend this school !Response from the ownerThanks! Benjamin edwards (xKINGxxDx)Benjamin edwards (xKINGxxDx) ★★★★★ The instructors all have unique personalitys which helps in learning how to drive and control a tractor and trailer. I highly recomend this school!Brenda HicksBrenda Hicks ★★★★★ Staff very patient and friendly. They want you to succeed and really helped me.Maizrojo808 NoredlacMaizrojo808 Noredlac ★★★★★ Best experience ever and instructors who are committed to sharing their knowledge and passion.Jason L.Jason L. ★★★★★ LaytonLayton ★★★★★ I looked around trying to find a school.With my busy life and TransTech offering weekend classes it was perfect. Doug and Richard are really amazing guys and will teach you everything you need to know. They are really big on safety as they should be. I really enjoyed my time at Transtech. I now have a full time job driving.Thanks Transtech!!Samir DahmaniSamir Dahmani ★★★★★ Very good school they have the best instructors,i highly recommend it.David GodleyDavid Godley ★★★★★ I graduated from the Fletcher school. Good folks there!Ty SimsTy Sims ★★★★★ The staff is amazing all have different teaching styles. great place to get your CDL. I worked with Rita,Doug and Richard. Ms. Hope is also really Nice. I would definitely recommend. You can’t go wrong with any of the staff members especially Rita & DougSharon StephensSharon Stephens ★★★★☆ It was an amazing experience..Thanks to Ms.Hope,Mr.Joe(KING) Richard, Ms Rita, James and last but not least Doug..You guys make an awesome team..Thanks for having patience with me..I would recommend anyone whose trying to get their CDL this would be a wonderful school to attendJosh RhodesJosh Rhodes ★★★★★ Trans Tech in Fletcher, North Carolina is a wonderful location to receive your CDL. The staff was very helpful and accommodating in my process to receive my license. Richard was a wonderful instructor who made me feel at ease, and Hope was extremely pleasant and encouraging. I was treated with the utmost respect from this company, and would recommend them to anyone!Tyquan SingletonTyquan Singleton ★★★★★ Transtech in fletcher is a professional and good learning environment. The staff, instructors are great people who will insure you have what you need to be a successful truck driver. Failure is not a option. Reta, Doug, Richard, Joe, hope, and James Thank yall for the great training I would highly recommend transtech in fletcherdessert boydessert boy ★★★★★ Never driving a Manual transmission in all my life never thought I can do it after starting this course I was shifting like a pro in a week thanks James bless upRussell SuberRussell Suber ★★★★★ Staff makes you feel like family! James is a very Good field instructor and patient! Doug is a good guy as well and straight up which I like!Stephanie GillilandStephanie Gilliland ★★★★★ LL ★★★★★ This was a great place to get trained for cdl the instructors are hands on very knowledgeable about everything. I learned a lot about trucking as well, They have nice equipment and will really steer you in the right direction if trucking is something you're interested in. Any questions about trucking they got the answer, I would recommend if you're trying to get cdl to go to Trans Tech!Response from the ownerThank you, Ariel. Best of luck and safety in your new career! Penny CashPenny Cash ★★★★★ Absolutely enjoyed attending this school! The instructors are very patient and understanding.They most definitely go above and beyond! Thank you! (Joe,Richard,rita,james,doug,hope) I appreciate everything all of you have done!nate hectornate hector ★★★★★ Good place to learn a valuable skill. Staff was accommodating and patient and u can’t beat the price comparatively. I recommend. Ms Rita, James, Doug, Richard Bruce joe all have different training styles so theres definitely someone there that can get thru to ur learning abilities. Shout out to Trans Tech I now have my CDL class ASam RemiSam Remi ★★★★★ I loved the school very professionalEveryone is nice and coolJoe, Hope, Rita, Doug, James And Richar... all of themThey were very nice and helpfulThank you so muchSimeon IsraelSimeon Israel ★★★★★ Where do I start? I would definitely recommend this school before any other CDL school no matter which state you live in. I’m from GA and came here to get my CDL class A! My instructor was James and he was the man. I went from now knowing how to drive a manual to being semi good! You learn how to be a professional SAFE driver at this school. Ms Hope gave me all the info I needed to bring my first day and she was very welcoming when I called the first time. Doug, Rita, and Richard all gave me valuable information that I will definitely need in this next step of my driving career! All the instructors want you to succeed. Don’t think twice about it go to this school it’s many locations but Fletcher is on point! You will NOT regret it!Jason BuggJason Bugg ★★★★★ TransTech is a great school. The staff and instructors are all great people. I'd recommend this place to anyone who is trying to get their CDL class A license.Rita RobinsonRita Robinson ★★★★★ Greg SutterGreg Sutter ★★★★★ Excellent classroom and on road experience. Doug and Joe were my primary instructors, they took their jobs very seriously and taught me a lot as well as kept the material and lessons engaging and interesting.zachzach ★★★★★ Excellent staff! Everyone has a good sense of humor, wish it didn't come to a end after graduating because everyone was starting to feel like family to me. Everything from the work to the driving was all in order. HIGHLY RECOMMEND🙂👍Greg PattonGreg Patton ★★★★★ This is the place to go if you want to learn to drive a 18 wheeler. The instructors there are very knowledgeable and know how to teach at any level. I would highly recommend this school if you are looking for a truck driving school.js_loader