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Picking the Right Truck Driving School

What to consider when choosing a CDL Training program in North Carolina

Starting a New Career Journey

If you’re looking into a career as a truck driver, you have an exciting journey ahead! Joining the trucking industry isn’t for everyone, but the career boasts high wages, job stability, the opportunity to travel, and schedule flexibility! For those seeking an unconventional, fast-paced career with plenty of benefits, you may find your rightful place in the cab of an 18-wheeler!

But you can’t kickstart a great truck driving career unless you receive quality training! One thing is for sure: not every CDL school is created equal. When looking for the right truck driving school in North Carolina, there are a few important factors to keep in mind during your research!

Hands-On Experience

For a smooth transition into working with a carrier, it’s essential to gain as much experience behind the wheel as possible! High-quality CDL schools offer a mix of classroom and hands-on instruction to adequately prepare their students for a career after graduation. A balanced curriculum and practical training opportunities are signs of a good truck driving school! TransTech’s Class A CDL Program features this type of combination training: classroom sessions followed by on-the-road practice!

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Not every student begins truck driving school at the exact same level. Everyone has different strengths and backgrounds when beginning a new career. Small class sizes ensure that each student receives individualized attention from instructors! A balanced student-to-teacher ratio is one trait of a high-quality truck driving program! In order for a student to succeed and be prepared for a career in the trucking industry, they need personal guidance and a curriculum that’s tailored to their own needs and progress. When looking for CDL training in North Carolina, be sure to check out their class sizes and structure!

Job Placement Services

Many CDL schools will help you complete your training and earn your CDL, but what sets apart great schools from the average is what they offer afterwards! A truck driving school worth investing in will offer Job Placement services for their students even after they graduate!

A North Carolina truck driving school that goes above and beyond will offer interview workshops, resume help, and job search assistance! You can get a good sense of their job placement effectiveness by looking at past graduates and where they are now. It would be a shame to invest in a CDL school that doesn’t return on your investment! After all, what good is a CDL without the opportunity to put it to use!

Making the Right Choice

Jumping into a new career path is no easy task — but you can make it easier by getting your start from the right school! We encourage everyone to dedicate time to researching the best truck driving schools in North Carolina and compare your results! You’ll want to choose the school best fit for your needs, however, there are a few qualities always present in a stand-out CDL school! Look for programs that offer hands-on training, a small student-to-teacher ratio, and effective job placement services!

TransTech is North Carolina’s premier commercial truck driving school! If you’re looking for a comprehensive, opportunity rich Class A CDL program, TransTech will get you on the road to success! Our team strives to help you accomplish your career goals and won’t stop until you’re more than satisfied!

To get started on your CDL with TransTech, fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 844-633-9308!